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Guelph Green Party

Federal Candidate

Thank you to the 19,236 Guelph Voters who placed their 2019 vote in my care.  Our vision of a low carbon economy that leaves no one behind continues.  We did not win but those in power were given a strong message.


Solar entrepreneur. Family man. Green Party candidate for Guelph.


Richard Chaloner


Former Ontario Attorney General

"Steve has been working to improve our democracy and make every citizens vote be equal and effective for years.  He has shown his ability to work with people of different stripes to build our community up..."

Jason Blokhuis

Professor of Social Development

"I have known Steve Dyck for a number of years - as a good friend,  a devoted family man, a respected member of the local business community, and as a tireless advocate for democracy..."

Anton Lamers

Guelph Solar

I couldn’t think of a more honest and committed leader. I have known and worked with Steve for over 10 years and am always inspired by his thoughtfulness and determination for doing the right thing...

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