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Steve Dyck

My Message

I am a Guelph businessman and entrepreneur who is running to represent Guelph in the House of Commons as a Member of Parliament. The Green Party represents the change you are looking for.

The future belongs to our children. In order to secure this future we must recover our democracy from big money backroom deals in Ottawa. Canada needs Guelph to lead in electing a minority government to reduce the power of the Prime Minister’s Office.


If we vote out of fear we will place power in the hands of a few. Only by voting for what we want will we elect MPs that are empowered to act with integrity, listen to each other and honour their constituents rather than to bowing to their Leader’s wishes.

Who Am I?

Meet Me

Steve lives in Guelph, Ontario with his life partner, spouse and best friend, Vera. They have two adult children, Nathan and Amber. Steve and Vera are energizing community leaders committed to democracy and to social and environmental justice.

Steve and Vera participated in Guelph Wellington’s Bridges Out of Poverty Circle, and are founding members of a multi faith bridging group to build peace through friendship. In 2016, Steve received "The Guelph Bridge Builders Award" from the Muslim Society of Guelph, recognizing his efforts to build peace through friendship.

Steve is a volunteer for the Guelph Citizens Climate Lobby and has travelled to Ottawa to advocate for climate action. He is also the founder and President of Guelph Solar - a company that has been awarded “The Excellence in Business Award" from the Guelph Chamber Commerce. Steve has been instrumental in creating green economy jobs in Guelph since 2009.

As a key organizer and active member of Fair Vote Guelph and Democracy Guelph, Steve organized numerous town halls and debates on electoral reform. He is dedicated to increasing the fairness of our electoral process, to ensure government which reflects voters.

Guelph Momentum

Green Victory

In the last provincial election, Steve was instrumental in helping elected Mike Schreiner, Ontario's first Green MPP. Here is Steve, on what made that breakthrough possible, and how we can can do it again - this time at the federal level.


'Our planet is asking us to be honest.'

Steve Dyck is ready to bring much-needed change for Guelph and Canada. To save the environment, prepare for the future economy, and to improve your quality of life.

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