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Gord Miller: Former Environment Commissioner of Ontario

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

When Elizabeth May encouraged me to seek the GPC nomination in Guelph in 2015 I knew that I had links to Guelph from years before but that I didn’t have a strong community base. I am pleased that this time around the nomination is being sought by a candidate with an impeccable community involvement record and deep roots in the Guelph Green Party at both the provincial and federal level.

Steve is a fearless advocate and community organizer whether it be with FairVote Guelph calling for proportional representation or organizing for the Citizens’ Climate Lobby.  Steve Dyck is President of Guelph Solar, a company that facilitates the transition to our new Green renewable energy based economy.

Steve lives the Green Vision.

In 2015 Steve was “all in” for my campaign, as he was for Mike Schreiner in 2014 and again with Mike's great victory in 2018. And I’m in for Steve Dyck in 2019 and I think you should be too!

Gord Miller

Past Green Candidate, Former Environment Commissioner of Ontario

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