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Jason Blokhuis: Social Development Professor

Living sustainably is a matter of intergenerational justice. It means thinking beyond this quarter or that election cycle.  It means rethinking our anthropocentrism, our vision of ourselves in relation to those with whom we share this planet. It requires that we do things differently.  

I have known Steve Dyck for a number of years in various capacities – as a good friend, as a devoted family man, as a respected member of the local business community, and as a tireless advocate for democracy, for social justice, for inter-faith and intercultural cooperation, for renewable energy and a post-carbon economy, and for public policies that will help us continue to live well now without limiting opportunities for our children and grandchildren to live well in the future. 

More than ever, it is time to think differently. 

It is time to think Green.  

I am delighted to endorse Steve Dyck for Guelph in 2019!

Jason Blokhuis

Associate Professor in Social Development

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