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Kerry Wilson: Guelph Resident

I have known Steve Dyck for over a decade in many different capacities – church, social, business and political.   He is the reason we first joined the Green Party.  His integrity, commitment and passion to bring about change in the world have always amazed me. 

He takes the time to talk to people about the issues he is so knowledgeable and passionate about.  He meets people where they are and is able to patiently explain complex situations and explain his thoughtful, integrated and forward thinking approach. 

He listens deeply, showing great caring and respect for those he hears.  No matter where anyone comes from or what their background, they get the same high respect from Steve.  This is such an unusual thing to encounter in the world!

Steve was also instrumental in helping us to install Solar Panels on our house, and is well connected not just in the business community in Guelph, but also interfaith and environmental circles.  He is personable, well spoken and very approachable.  Many of these traits are why we joined the Greens in the first place. 

We need more people like Steve elected in this country.  Our political system seems to have a real shortage of integrity these days. 

Steve has our whole family’s solid support, and we couldn’t think of a better person to help shepherd our country forward at this difficult time in history.

Kerry Wilson

Guelph Resident

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