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Liberal budget is a failure to the clean tech economy

“Out of touch subsidies hurts cleantech” says Green Party Nomination Candidate Steve Dyck

[Guelph Ontario March 20, 2018]

 The Liberal budget sounds good but instead of advancing energy efficiency in communities like Guelph the Liberal budget risks bringing progress to a halt. In a plan they call Community EcoEfficiency the Liberals promise funding to the Federation of Canadian Municipalities to support programs by municipalities that homeowners “could qualify for assistance.” What does “could qualify” mean? How much assistance? When?

“This Budget shows that Liberals don’t understand business nor are they committed to taking real climate action” says Green Party Nomination Candidate Steve Dyck, best known for his work with Guelph Solar and Mike Schreiner's successful election campaign.  “I think Canadians, especially those in Guelph, are tired of vague promises that undermine real progress. As the owner of a low carbon and energy efficiency business I know that the business case for energy retrofits already exists.”

When the government dangles vague promises of goodies that can’t be delivered until sometime in 2020 all they do is create uncertainty in the marketplace and indecision among consumers. Take the example of the proposed “purchase incentive” for electric battery cars that might be available if the Liberals are re-elected. If you were looking at that new electric vehicle on the weekend are you going to close the deal now? Not anymore, this Liberal plan hurts business. The 2005 Paul Martin government had an EV plan. Why has has this government failed to take action?

“Time and time again, I’ve seen promised subsidies for renewable energy ultimately hurt the industry. The business case already exists for renewable energy, subsidies are out of touch with the realities of the Green economy. Instead, we need lasting solutions like supporting financing options to ensure all homeowners and businesses across Canada can make the switch to clean tech alternatives.”

“The significant new funding for indigenous issues looks promising but I await the response from Indigenous Nations.  I am concerned some may feel caught between offers of economic security and their commitments to protect their land, water and people from further pipeline development.  No one should be made to choose between economic security and a clean energy economy,” says Dyck.

“The government’s role is to create an informative and transparent Budget based on evidence. A Budget should create local jobs, not to muddle the marketplace” says Dyck. “The only thing strategic about this budget is how it is strategically designed to benefit the Liberals.”

Guelph Green Federal Nominee 163 Inkerman 519-994-4749

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