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Moragh Lippert: Health Coach

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

I have known Steve Dyck for at least a decade. As a Guelph resident and long time Green Party member, I have been pleased to support Steve in the past including hosting a coffee chat in 2011 for his electoral run.

I am very comfortable endorsing Steve Dyck for many reasons. Not only is Steve a friend but he is also one of the most community minded people I have ever met. He has a big heart and is very strong, versatile and very resourceful.

Steve is a very successful businessman and community leader. He believes and working for greater good and the critical importance of community.

I trust Steve and know that he is very honest and upfront. He is very concerned about Guelph, our province, our country and our world. Steve is very knowledgeable and has many talents including being an expert in the areas of green technology, carbon investing, democracy, social justice, diversity, poverty elimination, preventative health, nutrition and food security (topics that are particularly important to me).

Engagement is Steve’s middle name and I know that Steve will do an outstanding job representing Guelph and the Green Party.

Moragh Lippert

Health Coach and Nutritionist

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