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Steve goes for Green nominee

The president of Guelph Solar is looking to fly the Green party flag once again — this time on the federal level.

On his Facebook page over the weekend, Steve Dyck announced he would be seeking the nomination for the Greens in this fall’s federal election.

“Guelph is in deep winter and I am in Costa Rica — I did not pick the timing for this announcement. A nomination window closed on Thursday and Vera and I are currently in Costa Rica at a conflict resolution training,” Dyck writes in the post.

“I care deeply about building peace, justice and democracy in our world. Building the Green party in Guelph is part of this for me.”

Dyck pointed to Costa Rica’s 100 per cent renewable energy electric grid as a vision for what he wants for Canada.

“A low carbon economy is a key to prosperity in Canada,” he writes.

“Costa Rica has a 100 per cent renewable energy electricity grid. Seeing the beauty of our home, our planet, inspires us to protect it — to put people first.”

Should he win the nomination, it would not be the first time Dyck has run under the Green party’s platform.

In 2011, Dyck ran for the party in Guelph in that year’s provincial election. He would finish that race in fourth spot with 3,234 votes, more than 16,000 behind winner and longtime Guelph MPP Liz Sandals.

The federal election is currently set for Oct. 21. Current Guelph MP Lloyd Longfield from the Liberal party will be seeking a second term, with the local riding association nominating him in November.


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